October 31, 2014

fluffin’ for fall

We have had the most beautiful fall weather. Here in Montana we don’t usually get to enjoy Indian summer weather. Generally we go from hot summer to brief cooler temps right into shoveling snow.  It’s such a gorgeous time of year. I secretly wish it was like this year round.
I’ve had a yucky cold and haven’t felt like doing much but sleep. Today I finally decided to do something productive besides make me a cozy nest on the sofa.
I started cutting back the flowers in the yard, trimming bushes and raking leaves. . . again. . . My old fashion yellow rose bush is putting on a pretty display so I brought some of the colorful branches in to enjoy before they disappear.
I brought out the tan and brown tones to compliment the fall colors. I’ve always been drawn to the neutral colors, they go with everything. I’m thinkin those little transfer ware dishes will be on my Thanksgiving dinner table. 
I go to great measures to hide outlets and cords. The huge ironstone pitcher, from my mother, does a good job hiding the one that is in the center of this wall.
It’s getting to be blanket weather. I scattered a few of my blue ones for a little color. I have to admit blankets have been my best friend the past few days.
I don’t like to take pictures from this angle because of the wall A/C unit. I haven’t figured out how to hide it (yet) so I guess it is what it is. That’s my shadow, Rossie, sleeping and photo bombing, as always.
I finally caved and switched out the display box for this awesome advertising crate. My husband is a welder so I am attracted to anything steel. I found this at a yard sale for a buck. . . it’s been hangin out in the basement holding pillows and blankets, the ones the Grands use for makin forts. . .
Keeping it simple, I used some collected poppy seed pods and dried pomegranates. The old yellow ware bowl came with the house, it was my husbands Gramma’s.  A gift from my mother in law when we moved in. It’s perfect for displaying fall collections.
The area with the A/C is the front porch (AKA the doggie dorm) Their toys, food and water are kept here, due to lack of space anywhere else.
The aprons and cow print in this photo came from Christine at 1817farmhouse. She has a sweet picture trail gallery where she sells her goodies, a lot are handmade by the talented Christine.
Last up is the mantel. Just a little sprig of field cotton and a white punkin’ is all that’s needed.
Real Simple Style
Thanks for stoppin by. ~d
Happy Halloween.


  1. Beautiful pictures. That must be a porch through that doorway by the cabinet and white chair. Makes me want to go n there.

  2. Wow Debi I love this post! So many beautiful pictures, especially that very first one, and so many inspiring details! I love seeing around your house and the little peeks into the other rooms. Keep the posts coming!

  3. Love this look...just my style! :) I could get real comfy in your home.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  4. Just found you! Your living room looks so cozy and beautiful! And when I saw that little puggers on the couch, I knew you were a girl after my own heart. I want to curl up there for the afternoon.

  5. Just found your blog by way of Pinterest and am so happy I did. I love farm style and look forward to looking through your posts. Happy Thanksgiving.


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