October 23, 2014

My new treasure

Meet my newest pride and joy. My husband got me a gift certificate to one of my favorite antique shops, The Peddler Station. The first thing I spotted was this cupboard but it was way more than I had to spend. A few years ago I sold an antique candy counter to the shop owner. It came out of a store from her home town. I know she loves to buy and sell so I approached her with a few items I had. Items I loved but not as much as I loved this cupboard. Joy Joy she said yes. . . I ended up paying less than half for this prize.
Here it is in its *before* state. . . wonderful bones. . . paint job not so much. . . one of my biggest pet peeves is when people TRY to distress pieces that would be better just left alone.  This had dark wax/stain on top of the blue green paint.
I couldn’t remember when I looked at it if the inside was as horrible as the outside. . . much to my dismay . . .it was.. . Oh well, nothin a little  lot of paint won’t fix. Notice the shine. . . uggg.  I just love the beadboard. One day I hope to turn this room into a dining room. First I have to put a 1/2 bath in the basement, which is where the the living room will be moved to.  Then I will fill this with ironstone.
I’m hoping I can find the perfect color of brownish~black paint to do the inside. I want something to compliment my ironstone.
I LOVE this old latch !
Here it is all fixed up. . . I couldn’t be happier. . . I really needed this cupboard. . . really bad. . . I thought I would replace the Woolens display box, I have had it on top of every cupboard I have had in this room. . . but I just like it  too much to not have it on my new favorite piece. What’s not to love, it’s black and white, it has a sheep on it, and it screams textiles.
The dogs were running a muck. . . welcome to my world of messed up rugs and pillows. . .
I did switch out the boring round wood knobs. I found these porcelain ones in some of my stuff, I forgot I had them. I was saving them for the perfect piece. . . I think this is it. What do you think?
I haven’t painted the inside yet so it’s not ready to show. I’ve had fun playing around with different displays. I cant wait for Christmas. . .! !  Oh the possibilities.
I’ve been fluffing the bedrooms. I will have a story about them soon.
I’m helping a friend redecorate her family room, which is going to be a project. It sure is fun spending someone else’s money. If she will let me, I will share pictures when I’m all done.
Have a good weekend. . . I’m spending mine with 2 of my Grands. . . ~d


  1. so glad your back, been watching for you !!!!! going back a post, I LOVE your sweet & simple bathroom !!!! I think my main bathroom is that size and the one downstairs even smaller...oh well, less to clean !!!! And, love the cabinet, how fun when you get a new piece and want to fluff things up !! take care!

    1. Thank You Linda, it's nice to be missed ! Hopefully with the changing of the weather I will find myself with more time to spend here. . .~d

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  3. I love the white, but in the pictures, the blue looks pretty good too.

  4. Ahhh......a big white cupboard, what could be better? What an amazing piece, I can totally see why you fell in love with this beauty. I can't wait to see what you do with it for the holidays!

  5. What a lovely cupboard. I have seen a couple like that on our large metro craigslist, but I don't have a single place to put one in our little townhouse. You will have fun at Christmas!

  6. This is a great cupboard. The white paint is SUCH an improvement. Lovely.


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