October 3, 2014

Bathroom reveal

I know I know. . . I’ve been a bad blogger. It has been a crazy busy summer. Thanks to all of you that poked me to let me know I was missed.
The last few weeks I have been working on my *UGLY* bathroom. It’s the last room to get a face lift. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I just put off tackling the project. When I started there was heavily textured vinyl wall board on all the walls, impossible to clean. The floor was gray linoleum that I took up with a heat gun. I found hardwood underneath, but it was going to entail much more work than I was willing to do.
It’s such a small, space, better for remodeling, taking photos, not so much. I have seen larger walk-in closets.
The tiled shower, tongue and groove walls and window trim are all new.(Oops,  I still need to get a plate for the electric box under the cupboard)
I took out the vanity, which as way to bulky for the small space but that left me with nowhere to put *stuff*. I have an awesome leaded glass cupboard I really wanted to use here. But after I got it hung (which wasn’t easy) it became obvious it was too big, bummed me out. So I had to resort to this lil cutie. I gave it a fresh coat of paint (Bone Folder by Martha Stewart). It used to have drawers but they were hard to open and I was afraid the cupboard would get pulled out of the wall. So I did what any crafty gal would do. . . I took out the drawers and used the open space for *stuff*.
The French soap and ironstone soap dish are from Christine Kuus (1871 farmhouse).
I love to use antique pieces to hide otherwise ugly things we use everyday.
I really wanted a wall sink, from the beginning. When I went to buy the new sink, I was afraid the walls wouldn’t hold the weight. So, I bought a pedestal sink. Lucky for me it didn’t work either because of the drain. There was a medicine cabinet, not a cool one, above the sink. It had to go. When I took it out  I was able to check out the walls and discovered they  were concrete and there is evidence there used to be a wall sink there at one point.  So I got my wish. Just meant the plumber had to come back for the 3rd time. . .
It’s a good thing I have a mirror obsession, I had to shop my house for one that fit just right in this small space. The light is also new. The old one was an oak bar with the bare round bulbs that stared you in the face. . . you know the kind. . . uggh.


I used to keep the shower curtain closed because this was such an eye sore. Now I love what I see. Did you know painters canvas drop cloths make good shower curtains? My mother in law has the original (I think) claw foot tub. I fully intended on using it in here. But when I got the old flooring up I realized they had cut the floor out under the tub because it sets lower than the floor. It could have been done, but it was way too much for me to do alone. I may still do it one day. Just not now.
There used to be. . . 3, yes 3 grab bars in the shower. Until the reno I used them to hold shampoo and other necessities. Now that they're gone I needed somewhere to set the *stuff*. So I hung the antique, homemade shelf that I added the schoolhouse hooks to for holding towels.
I found the sweet lil shaving mirror at a second hand store for a buck!  The old coat rack came from an antique store in my home town.
Don’t you just love the old toilet tissue holder? I bought it a long time ago knowing I would want it someday.
I love my wall grate. There's a heater there. I replaced the louvered vent cover. As you can see it doesn’t fit exact. That’s a job for hubby. (The only thing he will have to do in the entire room). He hasn’t seen the new room yet. He’ll be home tomorrow. Hope he approves. And you can see the floor tile I chose. I remember these sort of tiles in the girls bathroom at my grade school. Brings back memories.
I’m so glad it’s done.
Hopefully there won’t be such a long gap in between blog posts. Hope everyone had a good summer. I’m lovin the fall weather. Not lookin forward to a cold winter. Welcome to all my new followers. Thanks to all for hangin out until I came back. ~d


  1. Love it Debi! Great job! Such a nice space! ;) ~Mel

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Makes me anxious to get back to my bathroom reno! I sent you some emails Debi, let me know if you didn't get them!

  3. Wow, what a fantastic bath redo! We did our bath this summer too. It was a complete gut job, but so much better now. Our limit was $1,000 for everything, and we came in just under. My husband was the worker bee for it all with me as his helper. I can't believe how much you do by yourself! Kudos to you.

  4. Just happened upon your blog this morning ~ Love your bathroom reno! Just my style! Our little bathroom is so very similar to yours. We also have a window in our tub/shower. Does the half painters canvas keep the water off? That may be just the solution for our window dilemma??? You have wonderful 'storage' ideas for such a small space. Love the old cabinet over the toilet! There is hope for my little bathroom ;) and you have proven that! Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Jody, thanks for stopping by. . . and for the kind words. So far the painters cloth {*farmhouse linen* as I call it. . . LOL.} has helped with the water from the shower. Mind you, it used to have a cut up shower curtain and a mini blind, which in my opinion held the moisture in. I do wipe it down just to minimize the water damage. We shall see as far as long term.

      Please do stop by often,

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  6. The bathroom looks great! Its new look reminds me of an old inn theme, like it came out straight from the movies. Kudos to you for such a great job in remodeling it! Thanks for sharing that with us! All the best to you! :)

    Tyrone Parker @ Leid’s Carpentry

  7. This bathroom is so charming. I am completely inspired by what you have done. I too love your heater grate. You did an amazing magazine quality redo. GREAT job.


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