March 19, 2014

It just keeps getting better. . .

I finally made a decision, and oiling the piece won over painting it. I gave it a good soaking of tung oil.
I wanted it to be taller but didn’t want to alter either of the pieces. So. . . enter the divided wood box.

. IMG_3863
It gave it the little bit of height it needed. And a place to display a few more things as well.
I have a few of these divided boxes, they have a lot of uses. This is just one of many.







I’m happy with my decision not to paint it. The dark patina shows off the yellow ware and ironstone perfectly.


I want to show off the fresh cotton I got from a fellow blogger. I have always admired cotton, but here in Montana, I just never see it. Wheat and clover yes, cotton no.


Thanks Mindy ! ! !
I want to say, I really enjoy reading all of your comments. You are all so kind. I truly do appreciate each and every one of you. You make *playing house* fun. . . .
happy Spring to all. . .

March 15, 2014

A pair made for each other

Don’t you just love it when things come together?  My favorite pickin buddy and I went shoppin yesterday, a long over due girls day. We both found a lot of cool treasures. She found a beautiful quilt and with all her dickerin talent she talked the lady down to $20.00. At the same shop I found another wood dough bowl (Munising again) for a mere 12 bucks ! Wood dough bowls are just falling onto my path these days.
Among some other really awesome finds, I found this primitive commode (that’s what the tag said). I bought it to use as a night stand, but after I got it home and in it’s intended place, I quickly changed my mind.


You might remember this church cupboard from a earlier post. As you may have expected, I’ve used it in several areas since.


Well, I think I finally found it’s final resting place! The two pieces just go together so well.


When I first spotted the *commode* my thought was to paint it. . . white. But when I saw the two pieces together I changed my mind. .. I think. . . I’m still teetering on the idea.
I put it I my dining room, which is more primitive than the other rooms.
What would you do. . .? Leave it or paint it? I’ve always been of the belief, if you don’t *love it* the way it is, and have a different vision, go for it. But in this case, for the first time, I’m torn. If I paint it, do I paint the inside as well? Do I leave doors and inside natural? I will, for sure, leave the top natural, that I do know.
I finally have a place to display my wood bowls (providing my collection stops here)


Just drool over this incredible hardware. . .


And the time~worn patina.
It does need a good oiling. Which I will do, IF I decide not to paint it. IF I DO paint it, I will  leave the top natural wood and stain/oil it.
UPDATE. . . (I didn’t publish this post right away)
I have lived with it for a few weeks now, and I thought something would have happened {Pinterest, blogs, input from friends}to help me decide whether or not to paint it. As of late. . . still no decision.
I’m kind of anxious to see how this all pans out, at this point I have no idea.
Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend, it’s sunny, warm and spring is in the air here in Montana. . . .