February 23, 2014

A few random things

I’ve had this wing back chair for quite awhile. I got it from a local 2nd hand store. It has/had a gaudy mauve fabric on it. I fell in love with the style, size and price. I intended on buying a slip cover for it, but I haven’t found one I like. They are either too fussy, wrong color or just plain boring. So, I decided to make my own. 2 canvas drop cloths, 3 days and a few glasses of wine later I had a slip for the chair. I put it on and didn’t love the look of it so I turned it wrong side out and. . . .I Love it. A little shabby, a bit raggy. . . it’s perfect.
In this photo, you can see a close up of the frayed seams. And. . .
a glimpse of a new dough bowl.
I placed a bid on E-bay, the auction didn’t end for 7 days. I forgot all about it. Then I get an e~mail telling me to enjoy my new *Munising wood bowl* The best part is I bid $4.99 and it was free shipping!  I love it when that happens, never to me.This beaut is over 15" wide! I was lucky to get 3 dough bowls from 3 different places in 3 days. . . (read on)
I think the bottom is as pretty as the inside. . . AND. . . .
from here we go to my new grain sack table runner. . .
Oh, I almost forgot. . . another dough bowl. . . I found this at an estate sale Friday, it was 3 bucks. . . I’m pretty sure it was the only antique at the sale and they didn’t know what it was. It really has a hand~made look to it and I love the handles.
Back to the grain sack. . .another E-Bay find. Not as lucky as far as price goes, but it was a 3 yard length, no stains or rips, free shipping and less than 50 bucks. I didn’t expect it to fit so well on my table. It hangs over the ends of my 6’ farm table. Perfect !
And. . . the last dough bowl. . . here’s what it looked like when I found it at Good Will. . . the yellow tag says $8.99. Whoever painted the butterflies on it also signed and dated it. . . ??? Isn't that special. It’s a Marquette, which is nice too.
and here it is after a good sanding and a coat of Annie Sloan’s brown wax.
The wood berry basket is an Etsy find from Mum’s Cottage. I have had it in my cart for forever, I finally gave in.
She added 8 small strawberry baskets, they weren’t included in the sale. . . such nice gesture.
I realized there are a few other things I bought a while back I didn’t show. So my next story will include some of them. Have a good week.

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February 15, 2014

Winter blues ~

I am sooooo over winter. We are having some pretty awesome weather, temperature wise, but there's still a ton of snow.
These are the kind of blues I like.
Don’t ya just love this vintage metal laundry basket? It’s one of the several things I got on a *pickin trip* last summer. My friend met an old gentleman in one of our local antique malls. They chatted for a bit, then he told her he had 3 buildings of stuff he wanted to get rid of. . . say no more. . .!
When one goes on excursions like that, one never knows if the seller is motivated to sell or if they think what they have is worth a fortune. In this case he was motivated and only charged us what he paid for each item. Not only did we score, but we’ve been back a few times, so he is willing to dicker with us.
I found a dealer that makes several trip a year to France and brings back awesome grain sacks. He knows I LOVE them and also knows I will by the imperfect ones. He sells them for 20 bucks and less. He’s also willing to give discounts for multiple purchases. . . my kind a dealer :)
I cannot, will not and have not cut a grain sack to make a cushion cover or pillow. I just can't bring myself to do it. I do, however, stuff a body pillow in them and use them that way. This one, *US*, will go on our bed.
This is a plate I found in one of my stashes. I got it when we were going thru my Gramma’s stuff after she died. It’s from Norway, dated 1901, 2 years before she was born. It’s signed and has something printed on it in Norwegian. Her parents migrated here from Norway in 1900. After my Grampa died she took a trip to Norway. It was the highlight of her life. She always stayed in touch with her cousins, aunts and uncles, so this was a chance to meet them for the first time. A few of them came here to visit while she was still alive.
This was a gift from one of them.
Yip, the winter blues have taken on a whole new meaning. And, I think I like it.

February 14, 2014

Love is all we need. . .

Happy Valentines Day !

I knew I wanted to post something for Valentines Day. . . I don’t decorate for the *Love Day*. So I shopped my house for things to use in this post. I didn’t realize I had so many red things. I even had red raspberries with fresh cream for breakfast. . . I did snap a few pictures, it was so pretty, but lets just say I’m not a food stylist.
I have been on a grain sack kick lately. But my most recent purchases have been mostly blue. I do have a lot of red ones, though. As well as quite a few red and white linen towels.
I just love this old safety pin I got from Gigi at the ocean, an Etsy shop. I plan on making a pillow sham and closing it with this sweet little gem. (I faked it in the picture). The perfect heart to share with you on Valentines Day.
And, here’s some shots of my paper whites. They finally opened. Although they didn’t show their sweetness at Christmas time, I love that they are teasing me with a promise of spring.
Valentines Day means spring is on it’s way.
Enjoy your sweetie on this *Love~ly* day.
Have a happy weekend. . .   ~d