March 19, 2014

It just keeps getting better. . .

I finally made a decision, and oiling the piece won over painting it. I gave it a good soaking of tung oil.
I wanted it to be taller but didn’t want to alter either of the pieces. So. . . enter the divided wood box.

. IMG_3863
It gave it the little bit of height it needed. And a place to display a few more things as well.
I have a few of these divided boxes, they have a lot of uses. This is just one of many.







I’m happy with my decision not to paint it. The dark patina shows off the yellow ware and ironstone perfectly.


I want to show off the fresh cotton I got from a fellow blogger. I have always admired cotton, but here in Montana, I just never see it. Wheat and clover yes, cotton no.


Thanks Mindy ! ! !
I want to say, I really enjoy reading all of your comments. You are all so kind. I truly do appreciate each and every one of you. You make *playing house* fun. . . .
happy Spring to all. . .


  1. I love it.The added box is great.

  2. Looks really prim! And the hardware on the bottom doors looks like my oak icebox hinges. Great styling throughout your charming home.

    1. Thank You, Button. . . The hardware is one of the reasons I bought the piece. . . ~d

  3. ahhhhhh that is perfect!!! You did GOOD girl!!!
    I wish I had known that you needed's pretty handy around here :^)
    I NEED to know about the topiary on your it live, or did you make it, or???????
    I have wanted one for a while, but never see them in the stores. Maybe I am "lookin' in all the wrong places".
    Have a good weekend,

    1. Hi Jaybird, as always I so appreciate you stopping by. . . as for the topiary, its not alive. I found it at a cuet little antique store, all I did was add the jute. It was even wrapped in the raggy little cloth, but the clay pot under the cloth is pretty adorable as well. I did see a tut on Pinterest for making them, and I have made a few myself.

      Hugs ~d

  4. I KNOW you made the right decision! I love your style--honest, I do. Every time I come here, I feel 'hugged'! Love everything here!
    Spring Hugs from My Farmhouse,

    1. What a nice comment Dru, Thanks. . . your approval means a lot. . . because the feeling is mutual when I visit the *Farmers Daughter's farmhouse. . . .

      {{{hug}} ~d

  5. Hi D~ I just happened to come across your blog while viewing another, and am so very glad that I did. I love your home. The way you decorate is beautiful and reminds me of my home state, NH. I'm now signed up for your posts and I'm going to check again to see if I can become a follower. Keep up the beautiful blogging.l

  6. Why Thank you Miss Lindalee. . . I'm happy you stopped by and glad you like what you saw. . . I'm still learning the art of photography, some of the photos leave a lot to be desired, but it's coming. . . Sorry I don't have a *follow* Button. . . but something changed with Blogger and I can't get it now. . .(I think it's because Google+ ? ? ? ) But you're welcome to follow along via E~mail. Thanks again for the kind words. . . ~debi

  7. I love the black-ish armoire. True distressed is better than any of the "made to look old".

  8. Hello, I just found your blog from The Country Farm Home. You do have a lovely, simple style. I "pinned" a couple of your photos, just love the magnetic screen you used in your grandchildren's toy room...what a clever idea. I know you don't like your refrigerator, but I think it looks really nice in your white kitchen. My next refrigerator will be a side by side and I would love to find a white one.

  9. We are sure missing you!!!!

  10. Hi - do you know anything about the yellow ware bowls on the top shelf, with the white bands and the wide collar rim, that are almost footed? I hadn't seen this style before. Thanks!


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