January 5, 2014

Baby it’s cold outside

Good morning. I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy. From the looks of the weather the entire country is experiencing frigid temps. We have fresh snow, and as pretty as it is to look at, that’s not the case when you’re outside shoveling and sweeping.
I finally got the upstairs hallway finished. It was a lot more involved than I thought it would be. I thought I could just rip up the carpet, put some stain on the floor and stairs, hang a few pretty details and set back and enjoy it. . . not the case. For those of you restoring old houses, you know how time consuming and involved it can be.
How fitting is this sign on this chilly winter morning. . . ? This is the first landing. Stairwells are difficult to decorate. The walls are so tall, so much in fact it’s hard to hang stuff {when you’re afraid of heights like me}. Whatever you do decide to hang has to be big enough it doesn’t get swallowed up by the huge blank canvas. This sign is probably 3’ long and 2 ‘ wide which is the perfect size for this space.
Here you can see the beadboard I added to the risers. When I took  the carpet out there were so many staples and nails this was the best solution. The steps had years of paint drips so they had to be stripped by hand. The wood is some kind of fir, which has natural horizontal grain to it.  It's nice to prevent slipping, but those grooves sure made hard work when it came to stripping.
This window faces east so it gets wonderful morning light. Kinda difficult to get a good photo however.
Yes, I know the handrail is funky. Someday I would love to tear it out and put up *normal* handrail.  However, that will entail patching the wood floor. When the house was built by my husbands great grandfather, they put in the handrail/knee wall before they laid the wood floor so the wood doesn’t go under it. That was the case on this entire upper level. I had to add base trim due the ginourmous gaps. If you notice the placement of the rug, it looks odd having it off center, but the space narrows due to the jog. It is actually only as wide as the rug at the bottom of the photo. 
Trying to find something for this wall was also a challenge. It is such a narrow opening and the ceilings are so low. Thankfully there isn’t a lot of traffic up here, mostly the pitter patter of little ones.
The grandkids playroom is off to the right. They love to grab this quilt when it’s nap time. The room with all the sunlight spilling out is my *make room* Trust me, you don’t want to see it. . . lets just say I have been *making* a lot lately. It’s nice to just be able to shut the door on the mess.
I also wanted to show you an awesome treasure I got last week. I was in desperate need of some hunting therapy. So I went armed with Christmas money and a gift certificate from my son. I didn’t find much. This file box from my hometown sat hidden on a shelf in a booth I almost never go into.
It spoke to me in so many ways. First of all, Lewistown Montana was the town I was born in and lived until I graduated from High School. Secondly, it is from the courthouse office where my mom worked, and lastly. . . it is dated Oct. 6 1903 and that’s my husbands birthday, 1965, not 1903.
I’ll leave you with another treasure I got last week. . . this sweet twig basket. The picture is slightly crooked, but I was in my jammies and it was sooooo cold. . .
Thank you to all who have shared my blog. I need more followers so I appreciate any and all you send my way.
Stay warm, cozy and safe. . .    d



  1. You've done a wonderful job restoring your staircase! I've done 4 in my life and that's it!! Lots of hard work those staircases and landings. As I was reading your post, it occurred to me that the walls are still bare in our stairwell. I guess after a year long project of wall repair, I was hesitant to pound any new holes. I'm going to remedy that in 2014. I love everything you've hung on your walls! The vintage hooks, the old shutter, and that ice sign is too cool! Your file box is a fun piece of history for you. Thanks for sharing, Debi. You've given me some ideas for my own stairwell walls!

    1. Thanks Vickie. . . I was like you at first. .. no holes. . . but it was killin me havin bare walls. . . I'm just glad its done. . . please do share when you get yours done. . . I'd love to see it. . . thanks for visiting. . . d

  2. Your stairway looks great!! I love how you used the bead board. We want to take the carpet off of our stairway, but they is a fair amount of damage...and bead board would solve our problem too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia. The bead board really is the answer to damaged risers. I actually used some leftover scraps that were here when we moved in. At first it was my lazy way of getting out of patching all the holes. Im so glad I did, it was so easy and such a nice touch. FYI. . . paint the bead board before you install it. . . the grooves hold a lot of paint and it makes a mess on the wood.. .ask me how I know. . . :)
      Hope to see you again. . . .d

  3. Heck, it's even cold in Texas...yikes!!!!
    Your stairway looks beautiful...I know you did lots of work, but with wonderful results!!
    I've been reading your blog along for several months, and I have something I think you would like. Please email me at likestoreadblogs at gmail dot com
    Thank you,

  4. love the look. I have a new blog too. Thanks

    divinerust.blogspot.com thanks

    1. Hi Julie. . . I can't seem to access your blog. I copied and paste and it didn't come up. I'd really like to see it. is there something I should know?

  5. Hi Debi, just found your blog, through another blog....anyway, starting reading your post's from the beginning...didn't want to miss anything!!!! Your home is cute as a button!!!! What drew me to your blog was it's title.....I am a gram to 5, they are my life......LOVE them to pieces..........I am following by email, but couldn't figure out how to add my name as a follower.....computer challenged???? anyway, stop by and visit my blog to, if you like.....again, I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Hi Linda, I'm glad you found me. Thank you for all the kind words. Sometimes I feel like I'm talkin to myself, I don't have a lot of followers but I keep pluggin away.

      The follow button has been messed up, it's not you I think it's blogger. . . I'll blame it anyway. ..

      What's the name of your blog? I'd love to check it out.

      Thanks again Linda, Debi

  6. I couldn't find your email address. Just wanted you to know that you've been featured on today's Welcome Wagon Friday post, where I introduce new blogs to my readers. You should be receiving visitors shortly. Welcome to our neighborhood!

    1. Oh my. . .thanks Brenda.. . I have a feeling I should have done some housekeeping. . .all these peeps stopping by, am I ready? Thanks again. . .

      I thought I had a e mail follow button . . .

      Have a good weekend . . . d

  7. Just found your blog from Cozy Little House and have read all your posts back to the beginning. Love your house and your style!! I am now following you on bloglovin!

    1. Thanks Diane and Welcome. . . .I love new bloggers. . .


  8. I just found your blog thru Brenda's Welcome Wagon at Cozy Little House and had to send a note to say I love your home! We have so many of the same things in our home! I signed up to follow you by email. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Donna. . . and welcome ! Thanks for taking the time to leave me a note.
      I'd love to see your house, do you have a blog?

      Stop by again . . .d

  9. Thanks to everyone that stopped by. And a great BIG thank you to Brenda for featuring me on her Welcome Wagon Friday. http://www.cozylittlehouse.com and helping getting my blog out there. I truly do appreciate it.

  10. I am visiting via Cozy Little House and I love your style. I didn't see a way to join through Google Friend so I joined via Google +.

    I look forward to reading more.

  11. I am so inspired by your decorating style. I really like the quilt over the half wall along the stairway. Nice way to display it.

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