December 11, 2013

simple Christmas style

I just couldn’t bring myself to drag out all of the boxes, bags and crates to decorate this year. There were a few things I knew I wanted to decorate with, and I knew how I wanted to decorate. . . naturally simple. . so I got the pinecones, mittens, ice skates, a few lights and the old sled. I think my way of decorating is more for winter than Christmas. I figure if I keep with a winter theme all I have to do is take the tree down then I have a few more months to enjoy the rest of it without being considered a *redneck*.
We are going to Vegas Friday. But I wanted to get a few of the pictures up so you could see what I’ve been up to. Still no tree but that’s the easy part.
I’m not ready to show the whole room just yet but here’s few of the little touches I’ve put on display.

I always have such a hard time photographing the mantel. It always looks so pretty in person but when I look at the photos I don’t see the same beauty. But. . . here’s what I’ve done to it.

I love all things sewing, bobbins are some of my favorite things. I especially love them with candles in them.
This sweet little dovetailed crayon box is perfect for holding spare candles. The mini Norwegian Pine is a nice break from regular pine sprigs, it doesn’t smell as nice but I love the soft needles. 
I recently got this footed ironstone bowl on E-bay. I thought it was going to be taller and bigger, but I have come to LOVE the petite stature.  It’s so small in fact, I plan on using it in the bathroom to hold my French soap. Won’t that be adorable?  This is the first year my Christmas cactus has bloomed on time. I forgot it was a white one, so pretty. The ironstone butterpat is one of many butter pats I have. Since I don’t make *fancy butter* they have many other uses, such as pinecone holders.
And last is one (I still have a few more to address) shelf in the cupboard. Ironstone and Christmas just go together.
I hope everyone is enjoying a stress-free Holiday season. I’m off to warmer air. . . it’s been so cold here, I’m READY. . .
I can’t wait to see the inspiration I get from all of you. Please share my blog with your friends, it’s lonely over here, I need more peepers.
*~* Merry Christmas *~*
*~* Happy Holly~days *~*


  1. Beautiful Debi, I love the dark wood with the whites and greens. That crayon box is so cute! And yes you are right, mantels are so tough to photograph! I hope you had a nice trip with some warm weather:)

  2. These decorations are lovely!! I had to do all of my regular Christmas decor, but I'm thinking this looks great for the rest of the winter...calm and soothing, and I have everything except the greenery :^)...Stealing your ideas will be a
    win-win situation for me!! I hope you have a blessed new year, and I am already looking forward to visiting!

  3. Debi, your mantel looks lovely! I thought I signed on as a follower of your blog, but something must have happened and I've missed your last few posts. I think you'd have quite a few new visitors if you join some linky parties. Give it a try! And it would be easier for bloggers to follow you if you had a followers gadget on you sidebar. I'm adding a link to your blog on one of my next posts for the magnetic letter screen idea I "borrowed" from you, if that's all right. I love your decorating style!

    1. Hi Vickie, Hmmm. . . I don't know what happened, I see you as a follower on my blog. As for the linky parties, I don't know how to do them. If you have any advise I'd sure appreciate it. I thought I had a follow gadget, guess I'll have to check it out and get with the program. Thanks for the kind words, Vickie, and welcome back. . . :) d

    2. Oh. . . and feel free to use my magnetic screen in your post. . . i'm actually flattered. . . :)

  4. Thanks Debi! The first thing you will need to change is your "noreply" status. It happens when you switch to Google+ and here's a tutorial on how to change it:

    When you are a noreply blogger, we don't receive your replies to our comments we leave on your blog, and we can't reply to comments you leave on our blogs. Once you change your status, we can reply to your comments and they will show up on your email attached to your blog. I've set up my comments to go right to my email where I can easily reply back.

    As for the linky parties, you'll learn (and make mistakes- we all make them) with each party you join. Here are links to two tutorials that explain the process better than I can:

    There are lots of helpful tutorials out there to help you with any blog issue you have. I just "Google" my problems and I'm almost always able to find the answers shared by other bloggers. I hope this helps and you can get out and party!


  5. I'm not trying to clutter up your comments, but Brenda from Cozy Little House just started a new blog with blogger tips and she will answer questions, too. Here's the address:

    1. No problem, Vickie. I do appreciate you helping me get my blog noticed. Sometimes I feel like it's a waste of my time cuz no one visits. I'm glad you're back.

      I do have a question tho. You say I need to change my status so people can comment and read my comments. Since I see your comments and you mine, isn't it the way it needs to be? I have a follow me gadget on my end, but it has a wrench and screwdriver beside it, as do some of my other gadgets. Does that mean it needs to be fixed? I told you I'm not very skilled in blogging. . .lol. Theres not much going on here today, I'll spend the day fluffin my blog. . . Thanks again so very much Vickie. . . GO PACKERS . . ! ! !

      :) d


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