January 22, 2014

small room big changes. . .

I want to give a big shout out to Brenda at cozylittlehouse. She featured me in her Welcome Wagon Friday Party. If you haven’t visited her blog, you should. She has so much inspiration and great ideas. You can get there from here.
I feel like such a frump. She sent all those nice ladies to me, then I take 2 weeks off from blogging. . .  sheeesh. . . I do have a good excuse, well a few good ones. My dear friend of 30+ years came for a week long visit. We had such a good time catching up, staying up way too late, watching football and solving all the worlds problems. Gotta love girl time. Then I got busy getting my tax stuff ready. . . no fun at all.
So, I have been dying to share another piece of my world with you guys. . . I just didn’t have anything exciting. But. . . fear not.  Blame it on spring fever/cleaning. Our weather has been so unbelievably warm and sunny it felt like spring.
I’ve been wanting to make some changes to the living room for quite awhile now. The direction it was going was starting to look more *country* than farmhousey. So. . . every single, little thing got moved out, taken down, toted to another room. It took me all day because we have plaster walls which require drilling holes. Once I took the stuff off the walls I had to fill the holes then touch up the paint. . . then I washed everything before I brought it back in.
I had a plan in my head how I wanted to arrange the furniture, problem is there are 3 doorways and a fireplace to work around. I think my sofa was on every single wall before I finally decided on one I liked.
This area is where the sofa used to be.
There was a heavy gray wall cupboard on the wall. I have new plans for the cupboard. The beautiful mirror was in our room. My love for mirrors resulted in 3 mirrors in there. . . this one NEEDED to be in here. Did you know if you hold a flame to an old mirror and look thru the flame it will tell you how old a mirror is? Seriously. If you see 5 flames for instance you multiply it by 10, which means it’s 50 years old.  If the theory is right this mirror is 110 years old (there were 11 flames).
The deer mount is one my hubby shot this year. He was surprised to see me use it in the house. He has a wall of fame in the garage, which is where they usually end up. When I was looking for something for that area I fell in love with the colors. . . white and dark brown. . . duh. . . and I see *faux* ones all over Pinterest and blogland. . . .
I hated to do it, but I had to put the linen sheet on the sofa. With all the warm temps the snow has turned to mud. Another thing I did yesterday, cleaned muddy paw prints off of it.  I do like the look, I really love the linen sheet, but it reminds me of my days of covering an unsightly sofa with painters drop cloths.
I had to add the pretty pink tulips, after all, I did have a bad case of spring fever.
And lastly,for today, here’s my sweet paper whites. I have several pails, boxes, baskets and bowls
filled with them scattered through out the house. They are all in different stages so I will be able to enjoy the sweeties for quite awhile.


I will share the rest of the room in the next post. I’m still fluffing a few things. 
Do you mind if I pick your brain?
2014 is a year to celebrate for my hubby and I.. we are finally debt free ! ! ! Thanks to the oil boom, we were able to beef up on are payments, which is such a good feeling. Anyway, my hubby told me I could spend $500.00 a month on just me. What would you buy if this were you? (speaking only vintage/antiques/) Is there a certain pretty somethin you’ve been dying to have? Would you save for a big ticket item? Start a new collection? Or add to an existing one? I do know one thing for sure, I’ll be saving for a trip to a Country Living fair for sure.
(please don’t take this the wrong way. It isn’t my intention to offend anyone. Believe me, it was a long hard battle and commitment to get us this far. It wasn’t easy and at times we were too broke to buy bread. The only reason I asked the question is I’m stumped on what to buy. Sometimes hearing what others dream of sparks some interest. Truth be known, I don’t think I could spend that much money, I’ve been too thrifty for too long.)
Thanks for stopping by, and a BIG welcome to all the new comers. I really appreciate your comments, they are so encouraging.
I hope all you easterners are safe and staying warm.


  1. Since our living room furniture is nearing 24 years old, I'd spend the money on a new sofa and a chair or 2. My pin money I've been squirreling away for furniture is going towards a few new windows. Not fun at all!!

    I like your living room furniture arrangement. Your sofa looks like a comfy place to take a nap with the sunlight streaming in. :)

    1. New furniture is always fun. . . well. . . so are new windows. . . Thanks for stopping by Vickie. . .

  2. Your new living room arrangement is so cozy and fresh looking! Great job.

    1. Thanks Robin, cozy and fresh are good things. . .

  3. Hey Debi!!

    So glad you stopped by my blog today. Your living room is beautiful! Cozy and chic. Hmmm...if I had $500 a month...i'd definitely go on weekend getaways and antiquing excursions. Something I wish I had $500 for right now is a nice living room rug. I have a lab pup and two messy kids, so i just keep buying cheap ones that can get destroyed.

    I'd also love to have some new light fixtures. I live in a brand new house and the ones I have are so modern, so not me. I call the one above my front door the flying saucer.

    I'd also love to pay to have rooms painted. I love painting, but I hate painting walls, can you believe that?

    I'd love to get our porch screened in.

    I'd also like 2 wing chairs with neat slip covers to flank my dining table.

    As you can see, I have no problem spending your $500!! LOL


    1. Hi Linsey. . . you're welcome. . . O love visiting your blog. . . as always. . . I love comments too. . . stop by often. . .. :) d

  4. Well...that is GORGEOUS! I am loving light a simple these days. WELL DONE! Pinned!

  5. Oooh, what a lovely problem to have, lol, trying to think of something to spend that sort of money on. You can probably guess what I would suggest - a visit to France! But not just any visit. Save up to visit the Braderie de Lille in September, it is the biggest flea market in Europe, more than 10 000 stalls over the two days and it is the mostest fun you can ever have hunting for treasures. I did it once and absolutely loved it.

    1. Oh Liz , so glad you made it to my blog. . . I love your idea. . . My husband spent 4 years in Germany and we talk about going there someday. . . I see a European shopping spree in my future. . . I can't even imagine how splendid it would be. . .


  6. Invest in Gold and Silver. Or anything else that will make money rather than spend it. No one needs more things. Traveling once in awhile is good for the soul. But remember the days when you couldn't put bread on the table and give yourself a real treat. Peace of mind. Love your blog!


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