October 19, 2013

Guest room


We have a small 4 bedroom house. When we first moved here we had a steel construction business. I did the book work so I had a separate office. So our room and the office were on the main floor. Now my husband works in the Bakkin and I don't have to do the books anymore so I turned the office into our guest room. Our guestroom used to be upstairs but it was hard for my mom to walk the steps so I moved it all down here. The room that used to be our guest room is now my craft (make) room. . . much funner than an office.

I have a lot of white, mostly white thru out the house so I like to add a whisper of color to each room. I decided to go with red in this room. I just love the old red and white quilt. I got it and another one at a flea market for 20 bucks. That's the best 2 for twenty deal I know of. I made the chenille shams from an old bedspread. I ordered the drapey pillow cases from a sweet shop on Etsy. (I didn't save the shop owner, my bad). I found the mattress ticking sheet at Good Will. I like the way it breaks up the white coverlette from the quilt. The old iron headboard doesn't quite fit the queen bed but it works. The blue dress and bonnet were mine when I was a little girl. My Gramma made them for me to wear in a centennial parade. I found the cupboard at The Market Place, one of my favorite antique malls. It was painted an ungodly barn red (not original) and someone did a horrible job trying to *distress* it. The night stand was part of an old desk, I just separated them and now I have 2 side tables. The lamp was my Grammas and my sister gave me the cute little clock when I was in the hospital several years ago. The antique sampler was a Christmas gift from a friend years ago.

This is a really small bedroom, there is barely room to walk around the bed and chair, but I put it there anyway. I just love the mirror. I love dark wood with white. The paint color on the walls is Antique White by Glidden. This window over looks the patio so I keep the curtain closed, to add more privacy I used a roller shade. The hardware was already there, I guess Gramma used them too at one time.

The little lidded red box was a flea market find, I use it to hide the unsightly internet modem. I just love the sweetie.

It's Sunday, football day. Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday. Thanks for stopping by. 

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