October 20, 2013

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I finally finished the 4th bedroom in our house. The 2 rooms upstairs are so sweet. They have beautiful hardwood floors, sloped attic ceilings and just so much character. I knew when we moved in I wanted to make one of the rooms into a playroom for the 5 small Grandbabies. (There are 7 total but 2 are teenagers and hang out in the family room with the Wii). Of the 5 small ones, there are 2 girls and 3 boys so I had to keep it somewhat neutral. Although I don't use pink in my d├ęcor, I felt compelled to use a small amount in this room.
This awesome bed came from the Born in a Barn event I went to a this summer. I got it all for 30 bucks. I was going to paint it, but when I started to inspect it, I actually fell in love with the gray-blue color and the chippy-ness it already had.  The quilt was from The Marketplace, one of my favorite antique malls. I made the ticking pillow case out of a military cot cover.



The night stand is an old phone table, the back was missing so I just turned it around so the back became the front. It holds story books close by for the bedtime stories they all look forward to when they stay here.

I found this little table to go with the small childs chairs I have been collecting for awhile, I didn't do anything to it, yet. I'm thinking I may paint it and just let the kids distress it naturally. I found the sweet little tea set yesterday at Goodwill for 3 bucks, I just love it, I think the girls will too.


I just love the sweet little high chair. I found it a few years ago at a second hand store, the shelf came from Goodwill, I just painted it cottage linen, a Glidden color. My son made the handprint for me when he was in kindergarten, he's 33 now :( a pair of old baby shoes, a few blocks and some old baby jammies completes the little nook.  




The child size closet, actually a cupboard, is used to hold dress up clothes for the girls, tinker toys and trucks for the boys. The pink basin on top holds the crayons and colored pencils. I used wooden boxes for coloring books, old jars for blocks and old baskets for legos and building blocks through out the room, just to give the feel of a childs room from days gone by. 


And lastly, the toy box. I found the rickety old screen at the Born in a Barn sale, I love the patch made of well. . .old screen. It makes a perfect magnet board. The toy box helps to hide the assortment of toys. It was handmade by someone years ago, its so primitive, I just love it. . .



I’m working on the missing piece of trim under the closet. As much as I love working with my saw, making new base trim and such, the mitered cuts and angles kick my butt.
I hope everyone is having a good weekend, we are actually having fall weather, sure beats the winter weather we had last week. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. You've created such a sweet space for your grandchildren to enjoy! I'm finishing up a bedroom I made over for our grandchildren, too. I love the old screen used as a magnet board! I've got 2 old screens in our garage and I just need to buy some magnets. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Why, Thank You Vickie ! In the rooms I have re-done I have to say this was the most fun.

      Do you have a blog? I'd love to follow you.

      Thanks for stopping by, D

  2. What an adorable room this is Debi...you have so many great ideas. I especially love the way you did the bed with that beautiful quilt and the simple ticking pillow...perfection. How awesome that you found that tea set for $3, all little girls need a place for a tea party and yours is adorable. I am truly enjoying following your blog...I will be sure to spread the word! ~Meg

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, please feel free to pin anything you'd like. . . thanks for all the kind words. Happy Pinning. . . D

  4. I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would it be OK if I moved in Debi? :D

  5. That pink fan is to drool for. LoVe it.


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