October 20, 2013

Autumn Decor


I didn’t do a lot of fall decorating this year. I’ve been busy making some changes in the kitchen. But I did add a few small touches that I wanted to share.

Don’t you just love chicken wire? I know I do. I ordered this cloche from a catalogue. I wasn’t expecting it to be so big. For the longest time I didn’t know what to do with it.  my farm table in the dining room is almost 7’ long, and it needs BIG stuff on it. So I put some seasonal veggies and ornamental corn in a grain sifter and sat the cloche on top. I actually like it, for now.






Next up on my to*do list is to paint the dining room. It and the family room are all one room, it makes it difficult to separate the 2 rooms. I have a story about the Hoosier in the background. I will share it when I do a post on the dining room.

Trencher bowls are so fun. I use it as the go*to piece in seasonal decorating. I have had fresh lavender buds in it in our bed room, pinecones and greenery for Christmas, and I use it on my holiday tables to hold my homemade rolls. Now it is posing as a harvest accent piece, filled with Sweet Annie, pine cones, star anise and the tiniest of tiny white pumpkins. Have you smelled sweet Annie? If not you should get some. It’s sweet fragrance fills a room nicely.

fall 2





Up next is the fireplace mantel. Quite simple, just how I like it. The color is a little off. it’s not really this bright. The living room is painted Cottage Linen, a Glidden color. It is just a shade darker than Antique White, which is in all the other rooms in the house.

The old window came from a house my sister was helping tear down. It was the house my babysitter lived in when I was a small child. The rusty cream can was given to me by a friend, the Gilbert mantel clock is my pride and joy. It was given to my dad many years ago and he gave it to me right before he died. Bobbins. .. .I have some a lot of bobbins. I’m quite smitten with all things sewing. The dented lidded metal box is a Diamond matchbox. I paid 5 bucks for it at a flea market.








I never did figure out how to make all my pictures enlarged via Blogger, but I recently learned I can blog from windows live. From there I can make them any size I want, now I’m happy again.

It’s football day. . . GO PACKERS !


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  1. Beautiful style! Love all the pumpkins and old prairie decor. :)


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