August 16, 2013

just in time. . . another quilt. . .

I went out and about yesterday. . .actually I was having withdrawls, I hadn't been junkin shopping for so long I needed a fix. I am a quilt horder, I just love the workmanship that goes into each one. I'd sure like to hear the stories they could tell. They can be pricey, but I justify the price if it is less than $100.00. A new and less than impressive king size quilt for our bed would be much more. I'm not one to go out and buy a Bed-in-a Bag. The nice thing about a collection is I can switch out the quilt and have a new refreshed look.

I tossed this  one on the back of the wicker chairs on the patio, handy now that the evenings are starting to cool off.

The metal cabinet in the background used to be government green and had glass doors kinda like a lawyers bookcase. I took the doors off and made a batch of what I call instant age. . . vinegar, salt and ammonia. I use it to keep my flower pots and garden tools within reach. .  .a can of bug spray close by is always handy too.
This is my go to spot in the mornings. A cup of coffee, the AM radio playing Tradio. What's that you ask. .  .it's a radio program they play Mon-Fri. People call in with stuff to buy, sell, trade (thus the name) or give away. Most of it is farmers looking for equipment, a lot of people selling tires and the such. But there are good things too. I just missed an old farm sink for 25 bucks, someone beat me to it. I did however get an awesome Hoosier cabinet for $100.00. The sweet old man described it as an *old pine cupboard*. . . I'll give the details of that later. .  .
This is babies breath from my garden. I love it, it's so dainty, smells good and lasts forever. The greenery is a Hoya, I have WAY too many Hoyas. And, the greenhouse flat is from a Greenhouse in MN, I found it at a picking I got to go on. I was at my fav nursery last summer and a truck with that name on it pulled up to unload fresh plants. . . so they're still doing business.

I have more to share so be sure to check back.
Have a cozy weekend