February 4, 2015

My new love~lies

As promised, I have a few new treasures to share with you.
First up. . . antique pantry boxes
PicMonkey Collage
These beauties were adopted from my favorite antique mall, Yesteryears. There were 7 on display, I wanted all of them. But I settled on these 3. I got a good deal on them since I was buying 3. The booth belonged to a Dr. He travels back east and finds the most dreamy pieces, things we rarely see in Montana.
PicMonkey Collage 2
A few weeks later I was in my other favorite antique mall, 3301 Marketplace. This cheese box had the most hideous blue calico liner glued in it! It was a whomppin 10 bucks!  I’m thinkin I may have a new addiction. . . I just love the natural wood tones with all the white.
Next is my new pie safe. .
I saw this on Facebook. I followed the link and fell in love with this website.
They have some of the nicest farm~house décor I have ever seen. I have been looking for a rustic, countertop pie safe for so long. It was all black but me n my white paint fixed that !
I was hoping it would fit in my kitchen, somewhere. No such luck. But the day I get to have a *real* dining room, it will be a real show piece.
Thanks for lookin. . . ~d


  1. Well, I was about ready to head for Yesteryears in Missouri and pick up the other 4! Then I read you're in Montana! lol They are beautiful. We don't see many of those down here.
    Farmhouse Hugs,

  2. LOL Dru. . . it must be a popular name for an antique mall. . . .thanks for checkin in.

  3. Debi, Me again. Did you get my email about featuring your style on The Country Farm Home? I may have missed your reply. Would like to use a few of your photos and links to your site. Love your style and would like to showcase it! Let me know what you think. . .Dru

    1. Hi Dru~ I replied to this via e~mail yesterday, don't know if you got it or not. Of coarse you can use my photos and feature my blog on The Country Farm House. . . Thanks for asking. . . ~d

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  5. Hi Debi, I just learned about your lovely blog through Dru today. I came to visit and really like your style. I don't have a farmhouse but I do have an old miner's cottage. I have a pie safe very similar to yours only it has 2 shelves so is a little shorter and wider. I signed up to follow you by e-mail except it came up "If these walls could talk". Is that still you?..I love to have you visit the Cottage..HappyWednesday..Judy

    1. Hi Judy, I sure do appreciate you stopping by and saying such nice things. . . as for the blog name. . . um no. . . ? I really need to figure out what's going on here, no Pinterest, missing comments, now a different name. I may have been hacked. . .I hope you can still find me and follow along.

  6. Hi Debi, hopped over from Dru's blog. I love her style and yours is just as wonderful! I love the pantry boxes that you found. The photo with the crocks is fabulous as well! I love farmhouse style even though I don't live in a farmhouse. Only in my dreams. lol!

    1. Hello Jann. . . its always nice to have Dru's friends stop by. . . glad you liked what you saw. . . do come back soon. . . ~d


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