January 28, 2015

Because farmhouses didn’t have A/C

For those of you that have been following me, you now how much I hate the A/C unit that always photo bombs my pictures. I have been looking for something to hide it for a long long time. The hard part was it had to be the right height, it had to fit between the window trim and the ceiling, it couldn’t have shelves (or ones that were easy to remove) as well as the obvious. . . it had to be farmy. I really didn’t think such a thing existed. Then when I was out n about, not lookin for anything in particular I spotted a wall mount cupboard in a booth at one of my favorite Antique Malls. I knew the size was right but it really wasn’t what I had in mind. But it had potential and the price was right.
Here’s what it looked like when I brought it home.
I had already removed the inside shelf before I took this picture. I took the back off too, I just set it in place for the photo shoot.
I took the 1950’s scroll piece off and cut the pointed side extensions off. Now it was starting to look like something I could work with. I had to turn it around and and use the back side. The scrolled sides wouldn’t work for hanging doors. I needed doors to hide the A/C unit.  So here’s what it looked like with roughed in doors and all the artsy~farty stuff gone.
You can see the gap on the back side of the sides. But this is OK, it will help in the ventilation in the summer when I use it.
And tada. . . here it is all finished up.
This space is a front porch with access to the front yard that we never use.  I have 2 very friendly, unruly pugs that would escape in a second given a chance and there is no fence in the front yard (yet).The porch faces west so it’s a great place for my house plants. It’s right off the living room so it has to look good. When we moved in there was a door closing it off but we needed the space so we took the door off.
My best buddy Bonnie gave me the darling wood knob. I have been waiting for the *perfect* piece to add it to. I had to cut a piece of trim to make it longer, the gap was too wide for it to do it’s job. I used an old square head nail to hold it in place.
The green box belonged to Gramma. It sat on the drier which was directly under the laundry shoot, it was used to catch the family’s dirty laundry. I store pots, plant food and dog food behind the curtain.
The old straw broom and dust pan were hiding in the laundry room all this time. They needed to be in here, don’t ya think?
And here’s one for Megan. . . an MB red linen grain sack. . .
And here’s the eye sore behind the doors. . . sadly it will still be visible in the summer, but at least I can close the doors when its not being used.
I picked up a few more goodies on my day at the mall, I’ll share them with you soon.
I hope the sun is shining and your days are as warm as they are here. We had 70 degrees yesterday. . . that never happens in Montana in January. ~debi


  1. You are one clever lady!!! Never in a million years would I have thought to do that. It looks amazing and mixes right in with your room so beautifully.

    1. Thanks Robin, I go to great lengths to hide eye sores. Thanks for the nice comment :)

  2. What a brilliant solution! Isn't it great when you can cover up something that just doesn't "go" with everything else?

  3. Debi! I love the hider you made! Love the fact that you could "see" what it could be when you bought it, and the size was perfect. Way to go girl.

    1. Lol LindaLee.. . .hider. . . thanks for stopping by

  4. You're a genius Debi!! Very creative! I am not so creative with problem solving. That whole room looks fabulous! Love it!!!

  5. Can't believe how perfect this all came together Debi, so genius! That is the cutest little cupboard and now you would never know there was an air conditioner in there! And I love the MB red stripe linen:) Can't wait to see to see your other goodies! ~Meg

  6. Thanks Meg ~ I have never done doors before, now I want to make doors for other pieces I have. . . I got the bug. . . thanks for your kind words. D~

  7. So clever. . .I just shared it on Facebook. . .Hope you don't mind...We may use your inspiration for the eye-sore ac in our country store. It's such a wonderful idea.

  8. Happy to help Dru. . . now I don't have to photoshop the eye sore out of my pictures. . . it was a horrible photo bomb. . . LOL

  9. Looks like my home to but I live in the city. I'm curious to see what your decor looks like outside.


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