February 23, 2014

A few random things

I’ve had this wing back chair for quite awhile. I got it from a local 2nd hand store. It has/had a gaudy mauve fabric on it. I fell in love with the style, size and price. I intended on buying a slip cover for it, but I haven’t found one I like. They are either too fussy, wrong color or just plain boring. So, I decided to make my own. 2 canvas drop cloths, 3 days and a few glasses of wine later I had a slip for the chair. I put it on and didn’t love the look of it so I turned it wrong side out and. . . .I Love it. A little shabby, a bit raggy. . . it’s perfect.
In this photo, you can see a close up of the frayed seams. And. . .
a glimpse of a new dough bowl.
I placed a bid on E-bay, the auction didn’t end for 7 days. I forgot all about it. Then I get an e~mail telling me to enjoy my new *Munising wood bowl* The best part is I bid $4.99 and it was free shipping!  I love it when that happens, never to me.This beaut is over 15" wide! I was lucky to get 3 dough bowls from 3 different places in 3 days. . . (read on)
I think the bottom is as pretty as the inside. . . AND. . . .
from here we go to my new grain sack table runner. . .
Oh, I almost forgot. . . another dough bowl. . . I found this at an estate sale Friday, it was 3 bucks. . . I’m pretty sure it was the only antique at the sale and they didn’t know what it was. It really has a hand~made look to it and I love the handles.
Back to the grain sack. . .another E-Bay find. Not as lucky as far as price goes, but it was a 3 yard length, no stains or rips, free shipping and less than 50 bucks. I didn’t expect it to fit so well on my table. It hangs over the ends of my 6’ farm table. Perfect !
And. . . the last dough bowl. . . here’s what it looked like when I found it at Good Will. . . the yellow tag says $8.99. Whoever painted the butterflies on it also signed and dated it. . . ??? Isn't that special. It’s a Marquette, which is nice too.
and here it is after a good sanding and a coat of Annie Sloan’s brown wax.
The wood berry basket is an Etsy find from Mum’s Cottage. I have had it in my cart for forever, I finally gave in.
She added 8 small strawberry baskets, they weren’t included in the sale. . . such nice gesture.
I realized there are a few other things I bought a while back I didn’t show. So my next story will include some of them. Have a good week.

I have a Facebook page (I can’t manage to get the icon/link on here) it’s called Real Simple Style as well. . . check it out!

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  1. I am loving your slipcover!! who would have thought to keep it wrong-side-out? genius!!!
    looks so comfy too :)
    you scored with all of those bowls, my friend ~

    1. Thanks Lori. . .there sure was a lot of thread/strings when it came out of the dryer. . . I guess time will tell if they are *genius*. . . I do appreciate you stopping by. . . ~d

  2. I'm impressed! I've just started making slipcovers, but my 'wrong side' is not fit to be seen....
    Let's just say there is hot glue and tape involved!

    Love your blog,

    1. LOL Susie. . . how funny. . . don't look too close to mine. . . lets just say the shabbiness hides a lot of sins. .. thanks for stopping by. . . ~d

  3. UGGHHHH...I HATE making slipcovers!!! I love the way yours looks turned inside out, what a good idea! And I love the way you have all of your new items displayed, all of the white with the little bits of blue looks so pretty. I can't believe you got that dough bowl for 3 bucks, I would have been dancing the jig!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us:)

  4. Thanks Meg ~ did I tell you how much I love your family room???? well. . . I love LOVE your family room. . . thanks for stopping by. . . ~d

  5. Debi - Your photos look gorgeous! I hear the Rebel is a great camera. I have the Nikon D3100. I just purchased the 50 mm lens so I can get close up. I'm a photo dummy but I sure can recognize pretty pictures! Your house is so cool!

  6. I love your slipcover! That's just what all my furniture needs, but I'm lucky if I can get pillows sewn these days! Great finds, too!


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