November 19, 2013

A sampler and new treasures

I’m back from our hunting trip. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will say elk 3 us 0. We stayed in a mountain cabin that was so cute. Every cabin had a sweet old homemade bench, the cutest shaving mirrors I ever saw and an enamelware basin for washing up, since there was no running water. I think the reason I was so impressed was because these pieces were there for a purpose, not because that look is all a rage. I so bad wanted to bring them all home with me. . .
When we got home I found the sampler I ordered from A Crazy Quilt Journey,  a Netherlands shop on Etsy had arrived. I lOVE all things sewing, and have been looking for reasonably priced samplers for a long time. This one was perfect. Not only was it very inexpensive, but. . . red is one of my favorite accent colors, AND the date is my birthday.
Notice the letters “H and I “ are missing. The description said it was probably made by a child learning to do various stiches, thus the different samples on the bottom of the piece.
“1 April 1919”. Yip, I’m an April Fools gal. . . I have had every joke known to man played on me, I swear.
I haven’t decided yet where I’m going to display it, I’m just so excited to have it in my hands.
I found some treasures yesterday. I haven’t been out shoppin for a long time, I was ready ! ! ! Here’s a peak at what came home with me.
The red basket and pillow, the bed spring, twiggy wreath, blue banded bowl, ironstone tea leaf plate, lace linens and vintage elf are all my new treasures.
The plate was priced $4.00 but was on sale so it was $3.25. The linens were in a $1.00 bin. I can’t pass up a good piece of linen. The bottom one is either a sheet or tablecloth, it’s huge !

With Christmas decorating on my mind, I couldn’t pass up this homemade red wool pillow.
The bedspring will make a nice candle holder. And who doesn’t love a yellow ware bowl in cobalt blue? I’ve wanted to start the *Elf on a Shelf* tradition for my youngest Grandkids, but the new elves look creepy to me. I was so excited to find this vintage one with a cute face. I see trouble brewin, he looks mischievous.
And lastly, this cute farmhouse cupboard. It will go in our room, just not where it is right now. I was so excited to show it, I decided to go with an *as is* picture. It has a red and yellow decal on the door, I covered it with the French linen towel to hide it for the picture. It WILL get a fresh coat of paint. I like the color, but its really shinny.

I saw this cupboard on Pinterest. I want to do an arrangement like this in the new cupboard.
Here’s a close up of the linen. My Husband’s name is Roger and our last name is Rosin. Imagine my excitement when I found this monogramed towel with R R.
I’m off to rake leaves one more time, hopefully. Somehow Christmas décor just doesn’t go with fallen leaves.
Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. You found some great things, love the basket and pillow.

  2. What nice treasures. Reached the stage here where shopping has no appeal. Truly am content with what we have and am even giving things away. Felt so liberating to find an antique dealer who appreciated getting my entire collection, from the first issues, of Country Living and Country Home. Enjoy seeing other's homes and how they use antiques. Peggy

  3. Love your new treasures Debi! I especially love that cute!! My heart always skips a beat when I see primitive white cupboards:) I can't wait to see the way you arrange your linens in it!

  4. That is a sweet my favorite color ;^)...and everything else is perfect! One of the attorneys in my office is an RR too.
    Your cabinet will be wonderful when you get it "merchandised" as they say, and I bet you have really neat things to put in it! I love the plaids at Christmas...your pillow is GREAT...and the elf as well!
    Blessings to you,


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