November 6, 2013

Dining Room

I had to get the dining room painted before Thanksgiving. I put it off long enough. My husband came home this past weekend so we did a little hunting, but mostly just kicked around and did a lot of nothing. That’s what I like to do when he comes home, which isn’t often enough. I’m going to his company Christmas party this weekend, I’m running out of time. Thanksgiving will be here before I know it.
Our dining room and family room are one in the same. Since our kitchen isn’t big enough for a table and chairs and our family room is HUGE, I decided to combine the 2 rooms.
The 6’ farm table was a Christmas present from my husband last year. I use mismatched chairs and a bench. That way I can switch them out in other rooms. Nothing ever stays the same in my house.
I made the table runner out of my specialty linen. . . canvas drop cloths. The bench is a tad chippy, but it sure is a sturdy little thing.
(oops, I just noticed I didn’t crop out the missing trim. .  .)
These are a few of my *real* linen towels. This one actually came from France. I love the nubby texture.
R R is my husbands initials. I'm lucky to have several antique linens with his initials.
It’s a little awkward having the dining room so far away from the kitchen. But it gives me a place to have some of my favorite things. We actually only use it for playing games, working jigsaw puzzles and Holiday dinners.
Here’s some of my ironstone. I have a lot of it scattered around the house. I recently got this cute little shelf at an antique sale a few weeks ago. It was pale yellow and just screaming to be painted. I have come to love white ironstone with this blue~gray color. It’s not this blue in true light, it’s more gray.
This cupboard came out of a church in NJ. I bought it locally, I can’t resist antiques from back east, they’re just different than the things we have here. I just love that the metal tag is still attached.
It sets on a built~in shelf. I use the other side for my office area. What?? ! You don’t have an office in your dining room? ha ha.
This envelope is postmarked 1962. Both of my Grandparents lived in this small town, Winnett. My dads parents had a gas station, Cliff’s Auto Service. Back in the day they delivered gas to ranches for equipment fuel and home heat. This was a bill to my mom’s parents who lived on a farm and written out by my dads mom from the gas station. I love the connection that both of my Grandparents are present on this lil ol envelope. Notice there is no zip code.
The old house, as we call it, is still there. I have an open invitation to go there anytime and see if there’s anything I want from it. I need to do that. . . soon.
I hide my office supplies in this sweet metal industrial bin.
A 1943 Wyoming phonebook, old classroom photo, and old wall phone keep it from looking too modern. I found the buttock basket this summer, love it !
Now, I need to get in the Christmas spirit. I’ll show the other side later. I have a little somethin for Megan at 5540 farmhouse.
I hope you all have a good week. ~d


  1. Wow Debi I don't even know where to begin...I LOVE ALL OF THIS! First of all that table is absolutely beautiful, what a fantastic gift! I love the French linens, of course;) You have so many great ironstone pitchers and I love them with the blue shelf. And your office area is just fantastic, love the phone, the tote....well I love all of it. How amazing that you have that letter, I just love stuff like that. Thank you so much for sharing all of this us...we want more, we want more:)

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for me! I am off to Pin! ~ Meg

    1. Thanks for all the kind words Meg. You know. . . I get a lot of my ideas from you. Thanks fro sharing my photos via Pinterest.

  2. Just read your entire blog and truly enjoyed it all. Appreciate the old as you do. And Sunday football is another pleasure. Grew up watching with my dad. You have a lovely home. Peggy

    1. hi Peggy, I'm so glad you stopped by and enjoyed my blog. I hope to see you often.

      Go Packers ! ! ~d

  3. Oh how pretty! What a GREAT ironstone collection! Love the industrial cabinet vignette...pinning it!



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