July 9, 2013

Linen sofa and ticking chair

For the past year I was using canvas drop cloths to hide my ugly mico-fiber chocolate brown double reclining sofa. With 3 dogs and a hubby that comes home very dirty it just wasn't practical. The only time it looked good was when it came out of the drier. I searched for an easy care upholstery that looked like linen, since the real thing is so expensive. I found one. I just love it.

I recently refinished the hardwoods and painted the walls a nice cottage linen by Glidden. I was afraid the new sofa would blend in to the wall color to much, but I quite like the look of the 2 different colors of *linen*. I'm so glad I didn't have to re-paint the walls. I made the tall white cupboard at the end of the sofa. I made a door for it but decided to take it off  and use it to display my antique quilts, iron collection and old books. The yellow room in the distance is soon to be repainted. Its the front porch/entrance. We took the door off and since we never use it to come and go I use it for plants and the dogs dishes.

Here's the matching chair. I just love the stripes. They remind me of ticking fabric. I had a 1940's rocker before. And as charming as it was, it scratched my floors so bad and it wasn't really comfortable. This one is perfect !


Never mind the 500 pound refrigerator in the background of the last photo. New appliances are next on the list. I'm looking for a reproduction 1940's one. Not easy to find, and very spendy.
For some reason I can't make ALL of my photos X-large. Hmmmmm. One more thing to figure out in blog land.
I have more pictures (lots) to share. This is the first of many to come. . .


  1. Your furniture is beautiful!! Did you DO the reupholstery, or are these new? If new, I would love to know the brand.
    Your room is perfect and so welcoming!
    Blessings to you,

  2. Hi J ~

    No, I can't take credit for the upholstery, I bought them. After months of searching for the perfect linen sofa I found this one at Ashley Furniture. Sorry, I don't know the manufacture or brand name. I bet if you visit the store on line you might be able to find it, it was a new line in July this year.

    Thank you for the kind words, and check back often.


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